Are you using Canva to make graphics for your blog and social media? If you're not, you're missing out. Unless you're one of those magical people who knows how to use Photoshop, in which case, I salute you. But, if you're like me, and Photoshop is a no-go, Canva is the solution. And, it's free. Knowing how to make graphics for your blog is a big part of blogging. Canva is a huge help. This is how to use Canva for your blog, social media, and business.

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How To Use Canva For Your Blog and Social Media

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One: Pinable Images

Perhaps most crucially, I use Canva to make my pinable images for every single blog post. As we all know, Pinterest is crucial, and you've got to have a good pinable image for every post.


Two: Blog Post Featured Images

I generally make featured images that coordinate with the pinable image.


Three: Twitter/Facebook Images

I use Canva to create Twitter and Facebook images to go along with blog posts or other promotional posts. Posts with a graphic tend to do way better on social networks, so this is pretty important.

How to Use Canva Twitter Post

Four: Instagram Images

I promote on Instagram all the time. And almost all of my images get made on Canva.

How to Use Canva Instagram Post



Five: Sidebar Images

I use Canva to create graphics for my sidebar to promote particular blog posts or lead magnets that I want people to know about. These go right in my sidebar, with a link to the Leadbox for whatever it is I'm promoting. For example:

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Six: Twitter/Facebook Covers

My cover images and board covers are all made on Canva. Important for branding.

How to Use Canva Twitter


Seven: Icons/Favicons

I also use Canva to create my icons and favicons for blog or Facebook profile.


Eight: Course Graphics

I create all the promo and educational images for my courses with Canva. Here's one for Break Into Blogging.

Blogs by Becca

Nine: Lead Magnets

Canva makes great lead magnets.

Blogs by Becca

Ten: Blog Background Images

Canva is great when you need a photo background image with a colored overlay.

Eleven: Facebook group promos

My Facebook group daily prompts are all made in Canva.

How to Use Canva FB



Twelve: Landing Pages Images

I use Leadpages all the time. And sometimes I need images for it. So, you guessed it: Canva.


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So, there it is. Twelve ways that I use Canva (basically every day) for my blog, business, and social media.

How are you using Canva? Tell me in the comments!