I’m Becca

The chief blog and social media strategist at Blog & Biz.

I help bloggers turn their good ideas into great blogs.

I’ve been blogging on and off since high school (remember Live Journal?!) and blogging has become my passion.

I believe that blogs are an incredibly valuable part of the internet. They answer so many questions and solve so many problems for so many people. And the best part? Anyone can jump in and start helping!

You don’t have to have a tech degree or a business background to start blogging. All you need is a good idea and a helpful sidekick like me to help with the tech and business stuff.

You can get your ideas and solutions out there into the world, and I’m here to help!

Blog & Biz is for all bloggers. Any niche, any experience level.

I provide tons of tutorials for beginner bloggers so that you have the foundation you need to really build your blog.

And I also provide more advanced articles on how to grow and scale your blog once you’re off and running.

I’m here to give you the real stuff.

When I suggest a particular tool, it’s because I’ve used it and it’s gotten me results.

When I tell you about a certain strategy, it’s because I’ve done the trial and error and figured out what works.

I’m always learning right along with you.

The learning process doesn’t end the day you start blogging about blogging.

I constantly update my content and bring you fresh ideas when things change and new strategies start working.

Blogging is different today than it was 5 years ago. And a good blog should reflect that.

Bottom line: I want to help you turn your blog into your dream.