Do you want your posts to be shared more on social media? Of course you do. There are lots of ways to go about doing this, and lots of plugins that will help you. But the clear winner in my eyes: Social Warfare. Social Warfare is the best way to get the most social media shares. Let's talk about why.

Why Social Warfare is the Best Way to Get the Most Social Media Shares

Why Social Warfare is the Best Way to Get the Most Social Media Shares on your Blog. Get more social media followers with this blog tip! Don't miss out on this WordPress plugin! Click through to read more!

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Customizable Buttons

First, and most importantly, Social Warfare comes with highly customizable social sharing buttons. You want these buttons on your blog because they allow your reader to share your post to Pinterest or Twitter (or whatever) with just one click. These buttons are important. And it's important that they entice the reader to click.

Social Warfare offers a big variety of buttons. You can put them on the side of the page, above and/or below each post, or right in the post wherever you want. Like this:


You can totally customize the colors of the buttons. You can use the default social network colors (Facebook blue, Pinterest red, etc). Or you can set your own brand colors, as I've chosen to do. You also get a variety of different shapes of buttons to choose from.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare

I just think that Social Warfare buttons look flat out the best, Play around with the ones here and see if you like them.

social warfare

Pin It Button

Social Warfare also comes with a “Pin it” button. If you hover over any image on my blog, you'll see a big red pin it button asking you to pin it to Pinterest. I like that this button is so big and noticeable.

Set Social Media Share Images and Descriptions

So far we've talked about features that other plugins, like SumoMe have as well. But this is where Social Warfare really differs. You can set a dedicated image for each of the major social networks and a description. So everytime someone clicks the Social Warfare pin it button, only the image that you want, along with the description that you want, will come up. This is particularly important with Pinterest, because you only want vertical images and you want descriptions with lots of keywords. I love this feature.

Social Warfare

Click to Tweet

Finally, Social Warfare comes with another cool feature. You can create a very attractive “Click to Tweet” button right in your blog post. Like so:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Social Warfare is the best way to get the most social shares @blogsbybecca” quote=”Social Warfare is the best way to get the most social shares.”]

Social Warfare is pretty much the whole package when it comes to social media sharing. It's the best way to get more social media shares. I highly recommend it.

social warfare