I'm constantly, constantly looking at themes. If it were possible to change my theme every 3 days, I probably would. I have to remind myself that that's bad for the brand. I guess I could be “the blog that changes its theme every 3 days and spends a million dollars.”

Anyway, there's nothing better than a good girly theme. Here are 7 that are rocking my world at this exact moment.

7 Girly Blog Themes I'm Digging Right Now

7 Girly Blog Themes I'm Digging Right Now! Click to see these awesome WordPress blog themes for bloggers. #blog, #blogtips, #blogging, #wordpress, #wordpresstheme

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Boss Lady.

Boss Lady is so bright and shiny. I love, love the colors. And it seems so functional. It's got the CTA bars right there on the homepage, which is great. And built in lead pages, which is also great. I just love the look of it. Big thumbs up on Boss Lady.

Boss Lady

Glam Pro.

I'm constantly on the verge of buying this one. It's just so consistent. Everything matches and looks like it belongs together. Great branding. I love that it's got the opt-in functionality right there. And the colors are all customizable.

Glam Pro


I love the whole look of this one. It seems great for bloggers. I love the multiple featured sections, and you can include your posts in a very prominent way on the homepage. Extra brownie points because you can also buy a matching social media kit. Score.

starting a blog


I actually used to use this one on a different blog. It's super functional. It's got the featured posts slider, the content boxes, follow by featured posts, and lots going on in the sidebar. And I love the Instagram footer. The prominent social links on top are also great. I can't really remember why I stopped using this one…



This one is very interesting looking. I like the full sidebar, you don't see that often right now. I also love the black and gold look, if you can't tell from my own home page. It's very clean looking. Smiles.



If I had a recipe blog (which is hilarious to think about since I can barely boil water and I can't remember the last time I did), it would be Foodica. Foodica is awesome. Not only does it look great, but it's got all kinds of cool features for recipe blogs, including a highlighted ingredients section. I love specialty stuff like that. Makes me wish I knew how to cook more than a grilled cheese.



This one is great. I really like the look of the faded slider. It's very minimalist, and very clean. No clutter. And it comes with multiple demos. I love when they come with multiple demos.



So, what do you think? Up for a new girly blog theme? Others that I missed? Tell me in the comments! I could stalk these things all day…

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