If you’re looking to add a printable (aka a “content upgrade” or a “lead magnet”) to your blog post, then look no further. This is how to do it. And with this method, you get to ask for someone’s email before they get the printable. More email subscribers for you! This is how to add printables to a blog post.

How to Add Printables to a Blog Post. This guide is so essential! Use Leadpages and ConvertKit to add printables right into your blog post and gain email subscribers! Click through to check it out!

How to Add Printables to a Blog Post

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Make Your Printable

First, you need to make your printable, of course. There are tons of ways to do this. You can use Photoshop or In Design if you’ve got the skills. I use a tool called Beacon for mine. Some people use Canva (which I love and use for all my graphics). You can also use Apple Pages or Google Docs. Whatever you’re using, make sure that it looks good and is filled with value!

How to Add Printables to Your Blog Post

Set Up Your Email Provider

Next, you need to set up your email provider to deliver your content upgrade automatically. I use ConvertKit for this and it is SO easy! Just create a form for your sign-up (you don’t actually have to use their form, just create it) and then upload the PDF. That’s it! It takes about 60 seconds.

How to Add Printables to a Blog Post

Make a Leadbox

Here’s the good part. Make a “Leadbox” with Leadpages. A Leadbox is a pop-up that is connected to a button. The button can be inserted into the blog post (more on that below), and when someone clicks it the pop-up comes up, telling them that if they enter their email, they’ll get your printable. You can hook your Leadbox up with ConvertKit, so when they enter their email, ConvertKit automatically sends them the printable! Magic!

How to Add Printables to a Blog Post

Here’s my “How to Get 1000 Followers on Instagram” guide as an example. Click the button to see it in action. Get your guide!

See? Pretty cool.

Creating a Leadbox is really easy in Leadpages. You just click create, and then customize your box with the colors and text that you want, set up your ConvertKit integration, and you’re good to go. Honestly, it takes maybe two minutes.

How to Add Printables to a Blog Post

How to Add Printables to a Blog Post

Insert Your Leadbox Into Your Blog Post

All that’s left to do is insert your Leadbox into your blog post. To do this, Leadpages gives you an HTML code. Just copy it exactly as it appears in Leadpages, and come back to your blog post. Then go into “Text” mode (instead of “Visual” mode where you usually type your post, and just paste the code wherever you want your button to appear.

How to Add Printables to a Blog Post

That’s it! Easy! Now you’ve got a printable content upgrade in your post, and people will hand over their emails to get it! Good stuff!

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