We all know that I love a good WordPress theme. Love, love, love. So in an attempt to convince myself not to change my own theme every other day, I present you with this roundup of seven (more) great feminine WordPress themes for lady bosses.

7 (More) Great Feminine WordPress Themes

7 Great Feminine WordPress Themes for Girlbosses! These themes for your WordPress blog are perfect for any blogger looking for a new brand. Click through to see them all! #blog, #blogtips, #blogging, #wordpress


Course Lady.


Are you selling online courses? You might want to check out Course Lady from A Prettier Web. It's specifically designed to give the reader all they need to know about your course, including your instructor bio and student testimonials. A good option if you're not using something like Teachable (which is what I use for Break Into Blogging).


7 (More) Badass Themes for Lady Bosses

Jacqueline is designed for coaches and entrepreneurs, but also has space for a blog. I like the overall look. And the integrated sign up for works with both Mail Chimp and ConvertKit, which you don't see too often. Seems like a good option, especially if your blog is secondary to your biz.


7 (More) Badass Themes for Lady Bosses

Josephine is billed as as being for lifestyle bloggers, but I don't see why any blogger couldn't use it. I like the top slider with all the blog posts, and I also like the sleek looking menu bar with social buttons. Plenty of white space as well. Thumbs up on this one.


7 (More) Badass Themes for Lady Bosses

Amelie has a somewhat unique look, having the sidebar on the left and an interesting gallery look for the blog posts. I've never been a huge fan of the left sidebar, but it I'll admit that it does look good here.

Food Blog Theme.

Food blog theme

Not the most creative of titles, but if I had a recipe blog I'd be totally into this one. The overall layout is somewhat unique and it has special spots of ingredients and other specialized food blog must-haves. I like this one a lot, and I kind of wish I could cook.

Fashion Blog Theme.

Fashion blog theme

From the makers of Food Blog Theme, not surprisingly, comes Fashion Blog Theme. Again, I like this one a lot. It does a good job of showcasing photos and has a unique layout. Thumbs up.



Isabelle is ultra-girly, so if you're into that, check it out. I like the pink and the swirls and just the overall look. If I had a lifestyle blog of some sort, I could see myself using this one.

So, there you have it. Seven more girly themes to drool over. Am I missing any? Tell me in the comments!