Copy Template: The Seductive Welcome Sequence Template

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Once you've got 'em on your list, you've got to start talking...

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is this: they spend tons of time and effort getting people onto their list. And then it's radio silence.

Not good!

As soon as you get a new subscriber, you should dazzle them with a well-crafted welcome sequence that introduces you and your business and gives them real value. So they start thinking of you as someone whose emails they oughta open...

That's where The Seductive Welcome Sequence Template comes in!

    This 5-email sequence will take new subscribers and turn them into raving fans.

    Here's what it includes...

    1. The “Congratulations” Confirmation Email. People see an average of 6,000 ads a day. By the time they open this email, there’s a chance they may have forgotten why they even downloaded it in the first place. Instead of dropping a lone link to the freebie, remind them why they handed over their email address. And reinforce why you’re glad they did.

    2. The Comforting Mindset Shift. Your welcome sequence is an opportunity to transform your apathetic subscribers into buyers that are hungry for your course. This email is about busting a belief about your niche that’s holding them back. And helping them adopt the mindset of your most successful students.

    3. The Friendly Introduction. Time to let your audience get to know you a bit better. They don’t need to know your whole backstory. They just need to know that you’ve been where they are now. And that they can get to where you are now without the obstacles they fear are ahead. If you enjoy creative writing, don’t hold back. Have some fun writing this email.

    4. The "Bonus Content" Email. In this email, you’re going to show your audience how much value you’re prepared to give away. You’re going to choose a “how to” piece of content. It could be a blog, podcast, video, or even a social post. But it’s gotta be valuable. It needs to shrink the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

    5. You Belong on the Waitlist Email. Let them know that something big is coming and get their names on the waitlist NOW, so that you can nurture them slowly as your launch date comes closer.

    These templates were created by my partner, pro copywriter, Abi Prendergast, who works for businesses like Amy Porterfield and Copyhackers (when she's not working her magic on my biz).

    Here's what they say about Abi...

    “Abi wrote copy for literally hundreds of ads for our clients, most of whom sell digital products. These ads were used in campaigns that allowed our clients to grow rapidly, seeing their monthly profits grow by 3x, 5x, 10x, and more over the course of a few months." - Ronald

    "Sales are up by 240% from my last launch! Abi gave lots of helpful suggestions for optimizing the page for conversions and the results speak for themselves." -Javeriya

    "Abi wrote the copy for my high-ticket course. So far, it has sold 50x better than my last low-ticket offer." - Ed

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