Copy Templates: The Essential Facebook Ads Pack

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Facebook ads work. When done correctly.

But staring at a blank Google doc trying to write ad copy is less than fun. That's why you need The Essential Facebook Ads Pack!

The Pack has TEN ad copy templates for you to choose from. Each ad has both a template with blanks to fill in, and an example of a fully written ad.

The Ads Pack includes...

  1. The Perfect ICA - great for checklists, planners, mini-courses… any top of funnel campaign created to attract qualified leads
  2. The Short and Sweet - great for checklists, planners, challenges, webinars
  3. The Missing Link - great for webinars, live workshops, challenges, freebies
  4. The Colorful Dream State - great for low-ticket courses, high-ticket courses, memberships, and other digital programs
  5. The Right Way/Wrong Way - great for courses, programs, webinars - any offer that teaches strategy
  6. The "I See You" - great for workshops, challenges, live programs, self-paced courses
  7. The Pain vs. Dream - great for courses, programs, memberships, challenges, private coaching
  8. The Hear it From My Audience - great for retargeting ads for products, services - anything you sell online
  9. The Last Chance - great for courses, programs, memberships, private coaching
  10. The Final Objection Buster - great for warm audiences that have clicked on your sales page in the last 14 days

These templates were created by my partner, pro copywriter, Abi Prendergast, who works for businesses like Amy Porterfield and Copyhackers (when she's not working her magic on my biz).

Here's what they say about Abi...

“Abi wrote copy for literally hundreds of ads for our clients, most of whom sell digital products. These ads were used in campaigns that allowed our clients to grow rapidly, seeing their monthly profits grow by 3x, 5x, 10x, and more over the course of a few months." - Ronald

"Sales are up by 240% from my last launch! Abi gave lots of helpful suggestions for optimizing the page for conversions and the results speak for themselves." -Javeriya

"Abi wrote the copy for my high-ticket course. So far, it has sold 50x better than my last low-ticket offer." - Ed

    Interested in more than just Facebook Ads? This Ads Pack is part of three bundles: The Live Launch Pack, The Evergreen Funnel Pack, and The Webinar Pack. Check them out and save major $$$!

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