Pinterest can be a major source of traffic for your blog. But you absolutely must set it up correctly. And a big part of this is using keywords on Pinterest. Using keywords on Pinterest is crucial because Pinterest essentially acts like a search engine, and it uses keywords in order to find your pins and show them to other people. It's how your pins get out there into the world. Using keywords on Pinterest can be total make or break for your Pinterest success.

But never fear. I'm here with a guide to get your keyword action going! And if you're looking for even more Pinterest knowledge, I've got you covered in Pinterest Pop! Check it out right now!

How to Use Keywords on Pinterest. Pinterest for business. Keywords are so important on to growing your Pinterest and getting more blog traffic! Click through to check out the guide.


Using Keywords on Pinterest

Where to find keywords

You may be asking where to find these magical keywords. Two ways. First, just use common sense. Obviously for me, things like “blog, blogging, social media, SEO, Pinterest, Instagram…” are all going to be keywords. Yours will, of course, be totally different depending on your niche. But some are obvious. But beyond that, Pinterest itself has a great way for you to find keywords. Just go to the search bar at the top of the screen, and type in one of your big keywords. Pinterest will then come up with a whole list of other suggested words for you. These are words that other people are commonly searching along with your word. Voila, keywords!

Using keywords on Pinterest

Your Profile

The first place you should think about using keywords is your profile name and description. Yes, even your name can have keywords in it! My “name” on Pinterest is “Blogs by Becca | Blog + Biz for Beginners.” “Blog,” “Biz,” and “Beginners” are all keywords for me. Aside from your name, you also want to get some keywords into your profile description. Mine says: “Helping beginners become bloggers. Blog, social media, and biz tips and ideas for beginner bloggers. Free Blog Bootcamp:” The bold words are all keywords for me. It's still in plain English, but I managed to fit a lot of keywords in there. I want someone searching for something like “beginner blogger” to have my profile pop up. That's the whole point.

Your Board Descriptions

The next place you want to have keywords are your board titles and descriptions. Your board titles should have simple, easy to understand titles with keywords. It's tempting to make board titles pretty and cute (believe me, I'm tempted), but don't do it. Use your keywords and make it obvious to the reader what the board is about. So not “~~Pretty Things~~.” But “Best Home Decor and Design.”

You also need keywords in your board descriptions. Use the same method outlined above to find these. You get 500 characters for a board description. You don't need to use all 500 (though you can if you want). Some people use full sentences to describe their boards, others just list keywords. I'm in the second camp on that one. But either way, make sure you're using lots of keywords. For example, my “Pinterest Tips + Tricks” board says “Pinterest Tips Tricks Tutorials Ideas Organizing Pins Pinning Social Media Photos Pictures Captions Descriptions Keywords Growing Followers Business Blog Blogging Blogger Promote Market Money DIY Craft Recipe Food Fashion Style Beauty Quotes Boards Help Hacks.”

Your Pin Descriptions

Finally, your pin descriptions need to use keywords. You're not going to rewrite the description of other people's content. That would take forever. But YOUR pins need to have fabulous keyword-heavy descriptions. I usually put the title of the blog post (which has keywords on it), followed by a “fan description,” followed by another sentence describing the pin with more keywords.” So my description for this post will probably be something like “Pinterest for Business: How to Use Keywords on Pinterest. Love these tips and tricks!! Great social media ideas for beginner bloggers!”

As an aside, make sure that you are using the “Alt Text” field to enter your pin descriptions when you insert the image into your blog post. This ensures that that image will have that exact description every time it gets pinned by anyone, not just you. You want other people pinning it to be using your awesome description too, right?



So that, my friends, is why you need to be using keywords on Pinterest. And that's how to do it. It'll take you a little more time, but it'll be highly worth it when people can find, repin, and click your pins! Happy pinning!

If you're still looking for Pinterest help, I've got you covered. I cover keywords and a whoooole lot more over in Pinterest Pop. Check it out!

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